me and typewriter 2A journalist by training, I have developed a critical eye to ensure that not only the best versions of my own writings were published, but also the clearest and most engaging works of my colleagues and community contributors.

In addition, I have acquired the habit – positive or not, I’ll leave that to you – of analyzing each chapter of the novel, each paragraph of the magazine article or news story I happen to be reading. Often I’ll mentally rework a sentence or two, seeking ways to improve the method of providing information.

That said, below are a few ways I may be able to do the same for you. For rates or additional details, please contact cherylahazelton@gmail.com.

Web content

  • ensure clear, concise, compelling content
  • seek the most engaging way to engage readers, users and consumers to explore the whole of your online offerings

Articles, features, short stories

  • review grammatical correctness
  • ensure clear presentation of all facts and pertinent details


  • phase one: high-level search for plot holes, unanswered questions, missing details, unclear facts
  • phase two: probe each page for grammatical correctness
  • phase three: dive into the flow and seek out ways to improve descriptions, transitions and impressions

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