Peter and Molli

It may have been a small and private celebration for these two, but the evening was still packed full of both laughter and tears, silly faces and hugs. The lovebirds tied the knot in the great outdoors, then danced together in a nearby coffee shop.

Peter and Molli 036 edit Peter and Molli 012 edit Peter and Molli 154 edit Peter and Molli 087 edit

Peter and Molli 135 edit      Peter and Molli 189 edit Peter and Molli 284 edit     Peter and Molli 299 edit     Peter and Molli 440 edit     Peter and Molli 568 edit Peter and Molli 380 edit     Peter and Molli 384 edit     Peter and Molli 389 edit Peter and Molli 357 edit     Peter and Molli 421 edit     Peter and Molli 546 edit

There’s more photos of this lovely day on my Facebook page.

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