the Barksdales

I am always thrilled when I have the chance to work with clients more than once, so imagine my delight when I was asked to continue an annual tradition with this family for the fourth year. Each summer we head out to a different park and I snap away while the kids pose and play.

Barksdales 006 edit compressed    Barksdales 014 edit

This is what mom Tonya had to say about our 2014 session: “She 100% captured my kids’ personalities in all their individual ways. She also managed to capture the incredible bond the two of them share…  A lot I didn’t even know she was taking (always happens to me and usually the best ones!).
Ok. Basically. I just love love LOVE EVERYTHING!”

Thanks, Tonya! It’s my pleasure!

Barksdales 034 edit compressed     Barksdales 021 edit compressed     Barksdales 027 edit compresssed

Barksdales 051 edit compressed     Barksdales 147 edit compressed      Barksdales 126 edit compressed

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