Zac and Fiona

This young couple chose a gorgeous state park in Vermont to tie the knot, with the sparkling Lake Champlain as a backdrop as they said their vows in front of a small group of friends and family. As both the bride and groom are fitness enthusiasts, they used an image of a tandem bicycle to grace their invitations and other decor. Imagine my delight when I found just such a vehicle at the B&B I was staying at, and secured the owner’s permission to borrow it for some photos. It was a glorious day all around.

Zac and Fiona 064 edit     Zac and Fiona 240 edit     Zac and Fiona 143 edit

Zac and Fiona 249 edit     Zac and Fiona 127 edit     Zac and Fiona 264 edit

Zac and Fiona 384 edit     Zac and Fiona 457 edit      Zac and Fiona 549 edit

Zac and Fiona 601 edit      Zac and Fiona 629 edit     Zac and Fiona 609 edit

Zac and Fiona 839 edit     Zac and Fiona 809 edit     Zac and Fiona 821 edit

You can check more photos of this divine couple over on my Facebook page.

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