Introducing Nima


I bought my first SLR in 2006 – in the middle of my first year of college – after realizing I wanted to make photography a major part of my future career. That Nikon D50 has been my faithful partner for the last seven years, capturing family events, engagements, weddings, concerts, and so much more. It traveled with me across this continent, and to Colombia and Peru.


But late last year, I pressed the shutter for the last time. That D50 simply stopped working, worn out after thousands and thousands of photos. It’s been a satisfying and fulfilling run, but it’s over.

So, last week I finally bought a replacement. The Nikon D800. Along with two new lenses, I am very excited about what this new gig will be able to capture as my photography business ramps up.


I’ve named her Nima, which means blessing. Hopefully this camera, and the photographer behind her, will be a blessing to many in the coming years as we tell your stories through photos.


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